Up & Coming Sacramento Neighborhoods

Up & Coming Sacramento Neighborhoods

Blessed with stunning weather, a wealth of amusement and leisure pursuits to choose from, unique nightlife and stellar educational opportunities, Sacramento California is one of the most desirable real-estate locations in the US.

Now – more than ever – there are incredible opportunities to invest, and live, in certain up-and-coming neighborhoods in this highly desirable area – and you can guarantee that, no matter what kind of person you are, there will be at least one neighborhood in Sacramento that’ll have everything you’re looking for in a potential home.

Here are a few of the Sacramento area’s shining stars:

Midtown / Winn Park / Capital Avenue

Perhaps the bustling heart of Sacramento, this neighborhood is perfect for the younger crowd – which has been growing significantly over the last few years – since the residential areas are within walking distance to the infamous midtown nightlife and live venues, with a number of events available throughout the year in the Midtown area.

The best of both worlds, this neighborhood is just far away enough from the action that it stays peaceful at night, even on Fridays and Saturdays, so if you want to give the partying a break, you can do so in peace.

Young professionals have praised this sought-after neighborhood not simply because of its diverse nightlife and leisure opportunities, but because of the countless job openings available to young professionals, in a number of diverse fields, backed by a decent wage that allows midtown residents to live comfortably in this incredible area.

Empire Ranch

Fondly nicknamed ‘wholesome Folsom’, Empire Ranch is a superb place to begin (or continue) raising a family, especially since this neighborhood has some of the best schools in Sacramento. It’s reasonably diverse, both culturally and economically, and enjoys the benefit of being home to an 18-hole golf course, as well as numerous parks – if you’re a dog person, this might be the neighborhood for you.

Empire Ranch is very safe and secure, with future residents having the option of buying real estate within secure, gated communities, all while enjoying the tranquil contentment that comes with living in this peaceful Sacramento neighborhood.


A hub of socialization, Broadstone is filled with restaurants, coffee shops and parks. A glittering gem in this Sacramento neighborhood is the Palladio shopping centre, containing a plethora of shops which could satisfy even the most extreme shopaholics. To add to the Palladio’s charms, the shopping centre offers numerous dining options of various cuisines and is home to two separate movie theatres.

On top of all of this, the Broadstone Spare Time sports club offers tennis, squash, swimming, group exercise classes as well as a fully equipped gym.

The Broadstone neighborhood is a compromise between old and new since, while it provides a number of amenities attractive to young professionals – and has a flourishing job market – it has great schools, and is considered an A+ place to raise a family, by neighborhood analysis sites.

Boulevard Park

An historic Midtown gem – even registered as a national site of historical interest – Boulevard Park is a haven for both families and young professionals, because while the schools are stellar, and the neighborhood is calm and peaceful, Boulevard Park is home to a number of unique businesses, start-ups and restaurants.

Some of the best leisure and amusement opportunities in Sacramento are just a short drive from this sparkling neighborhood, including one of the best loved waterparks in the US – Raging Waters – and the beloved Sacramento Zoo. Closer to home, residents of Boulevard Park have a wealth of access to quaint coffee shops, flourishing parks and mouth-watering eateries, if they don’t feel like a trip out in the car.

All these factors combined make Boulevard Park one of the best neighborhoods you’ll have come across, and it’s even been ranked as the number one place to live in the whole of Sacramento on real estate analysis sites such as Niche.

Marshall school

Ironically, the Sacramento suburb Marshall School doesn’t have as many schools, like most of the other neighborhoods on this list, meaning it’s not necessarily a neighborhood for new families.

For students, and young professionals in their twenties and thirties, however, this neighborhood has a lot to offer, from restaurants, to bars, and even burlesque experiences, this neighborhood is a hub of entertainment for its residents to enjoy. More than this, Marshall School is home to the state fair, and there are a number of other festivals and gatherings hosted by this neighborhood throughout the year, to keep the residents entertained.

It further enjoys the benefit of a higher safety grade, compared to others on the list, and bustles with an abundance of greenery.

River Park

Home to the healing arts festival, the Crocker holiday artisan market, and Berkeley Psychic Institute of Sacramento, River Park is a place for those who like nothing better than to collect new experiences, and live life to the beat of their own drum – even if that means leaving the beaten track, and living life a little unconventionally.

River Park is also home to a number of stunning parks, including the Paradise Beach park, which borders the American river – a 30-mile long body of water that runs from the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the Sacramento Valley. If you prefer to be on the water rather than looking at it, however, you can take the ‘Alive After Five’ cruise, or for something a little more mellow, the Sacramento Historic River Cruise.

So, for those of you who enjoy moving through nature and experiencing the arts, River Park might be the neighborhood for you – more than this, the neighborhood is home to a yoga studio, for those who prefer to do their exercise, and their spiritual healing, indoors.

La Riviera

A scintillating blend of outdoor pursuits and beautiful nature spots, the La Riviera neighborhood in Sacramento is an underrated Californian gem. With a gorgeous lake, and a multitude of wild, natural parks to enjoy, this neighborhood is great for fans of nature and greenery.

Moreover, this multi-faceted suburb is home to the Capital Christian Center, which hosts a number of live music acts throughout the year, as well as holding various religious talks and events. Lastly, there’s a Go Karting track for the adrenaline junkies, who’d rather race solo around a track, and be in the midst of the action, than stand in a crowd.

La Riviera is a great neighborhood for those who love being out and about, and who always like to be doing something.

Natoma station

Home to a huge variety of eateries, such as pizzerias, sushi bars, waffle houses and bakeries, Natoma station is the neighborhood for foodies. There aren’t a huge number of leisure opportunities within the neighborhood itself, but it’s only a stone’s throw away from Folsom – home to the Folsom Prison Museum, Lake Natoma, Folsom City Zoo and a number of other attractions.

More than this, Natoma station has some of the best schools in the Sacramento area, and about 40% of the homes in this neighborhood are owned by people who have children – these two factors make Natoma Station one of the most desirable real estate locations for families in the Sacramento area. Plus, its close vicinity to Folsom means that you’re only a short commute from all the amusements and leisure experiences that a child could hope for.


The quintessential college town, the Davis neighborhood is home to the University of California, so it’s teeming with young people – students, graduates and young professionals simultaneously enjoying the lively, bustling atmosphere of this exciting neighborhood.

On top of its great educational facilities – its public schools as well as its colleges – Davis is home to some great nightlife, including some wonderful bars, karaoke suites, and lounges, often frequented by the Davis college students.

While this neighborhood is a great place to live in, it does take a stumble when it comes to the cost of living, which is higher compared to other neighborhoods in the Sacramento area – though many die-hard fans of the Davis area would say that the cost is worth it.

Lexington Hills

A charming all-rounder of a neighborhood, Lexington Hills is a fantastic mix of outdoor pursuits, fitness opportunities, arts and leisure, as well as access to the performing arts, and is also home to a number of fantastic schools.

Certainly, one of the highlights of Lexington Hills is its proximity to Lexington Reservoir County Park, a natural gem where residents and tourists alike can go hiking, boating or enjoy a spot of fishing, though there are a number of other more local parks to satisfy your love of the natural.

So, these are just a few of the incredible neighborhoods to choose from in Sacramento, and whether you’re raising a family, starting a business, or you’re looking for a job in a safe, secure, quiet area, we’re positive that there’ll be a Sacramento neighborhood that’s right for you.

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